Wormhole (W) & Ethena (ENA) both pump 12% in 24 hours, but MAGA VP ($MVP) is the one with 1100x potential


Jump Crypto launched Wormhole in 2021- a protocol that enables transfers of data and tokens between blockchains. It consists of components like Wormhole Queries, Wormhole ZK, and Wormhole Gateway, all running on the Wormhole Core Contract alongside Guardian nodes and Emitter contracts. The uses of Wormhole span across areas such as finance (DeFi), Non Fungible Tokens (NFTs), governance, and shared liquidity. The W token is pivotal in allowing chain transfers and interoperability, promoting the smooth exchange of assets and data among different blockchain networks. Currently, the price of Wormhole stands at $0.7483 after experiencing a 15% increase over the last 24 hours.

On the other hand, Ethena (ENA) operates as a synthetic dollar protocol on the Ethereum chain and has introduced an innovative savings tool known as the ‘Internet Bond’ that is linked to the USDe. Ethena Labs has collaborated with crypto wallets, allowing users to deposit USDe, which is Ethena’s stablecoin. Currently trading at $0.8133, ENA holds the position on CoinMarketCap. In early April, ENA experienced a 42.52% increase in value after being listed on Binance. Launched through an airdrop, 5% of its supply is reserved for USDe holders. Ethena (ENA) saw a 4.22% increase in value yesterday, positioning it as one of the highest performers after the FED interest rate decision among the top 100 altcoins in a market that was predominantly in decline. 

MAGA VP with the steady and momentous rise in the price of the token signifies the stability of $MVP in the crypto marketplace, which is infamous for its volatility. This altseason bull run, MVP is gaining traction as the 50th Vice President pick for the Republican party comes closer. The token’s price has increased by 139.49% in a month’s time. This seems to be good news for investors interested in pursuing MVP as price has been retracing recently giving investors a chance to buy $MVP and prepare for the next rise. 

The token is available for purchase at  Uniswap, Bitmart, XT.com, or LBank

The MAGA VP token, which has a market cap of more ~$6 million, is a meme rewards token that provides passive rewards to MVP holders and supports the MAGA TRUMP ecosystem. With a return on investment that is anticipated to be X1100 times, the token is now in the lead. As a result of its rapid growth of ~140% in just the month of April, MAGA VP has garnered a significant amount of attention. The token is currently anticipated to increase by 325.36% by the end of May.

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